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제 품 개 요
RF Active Device (MMIC, RF IC, Transistor, Diode등)을 DC 및 AC 특성 검사하여 Sorting 후 테이핑 하는 장비
CHIP SMD를 PARTS FEEDER에 투입하면 전기적 특성 검사와 외관 검사를 하여 불량은 SORTING하여 BOX에 투입하고, 양품은 TAPING 후 MARKING검사를 하는 장비임
제 품 특 징
This machine is designed to determine the DC & AC electrical characteristics of RF ICs that direction by vision system is decided, sort them; and put them into any one of the boxes which are classified according to grade; and align the accepted parts with respect to polarity; automatically wrap them after centering operation; and examine taping state by vision-system
옵 션
Application Products : MMIC, RF IC, Transistor, Diode, etc.
Parts Supply : Hopper & Bowl Feeder
Number of Measurement Stages : 2
Number of Sorting Boxes : 2 (24 optionally)
Mothod of Control : Touch Panel
UPH : 6000pcs/Hour max. (Except test time)
Power : 220 VAC, 50/60Hz
Pneumatic Source : 5kgf/cm2/min
Outside dimensions : 1000(L) x 800(D) x 1600(H) mm